All based on a proper swing philosophy and proven instructional methods, as a group or individual you get the experience and instruction direct from Winder, Georgia's - Bob

"Georgia's Golf Guru"

About Us

Mechanics and fundamentals of golf taught by Bob Cunningham, Georgia’s Golf Guru. With over 50 years of experience you need not look any further. Come see why Bob is called “Master of the Move”.

Golf can be a difficult sport to get the hang of. Many people will spend hundreds of dollars on countless buckets of balls to see no sign of improvement in their shot or game. Though practice is great, it is often not enough. If your ball keeps slicing into the air or far to the right, shot after shot, then something is wrong. That is why it is best to seek the advice of a professional who can help to rectify this problem.


Whether you are just starting to golf for the first time or you are a tour player who wants to put an edge in your swings, Bob will be sure to help you improve.

  • Perfect for all skill levels and ages.
  • Everyone can become a better golfer.

Our teachers are knowledgeable, friendly, and they are certified by the South Eastern Atlanta

Why Choose Us


What do I offer?

Amazing simple swing method that is easy to understand.


Who is it for?

High achievers that want to play better and know their game better Whether you are a beginner or an advanced single digit golfer I can help you!


Why do you need my help?

Hard to learn on your own (like playing a piano) *Frustrated? I can pinpoint what is sabotaging you and prescribe an easy remedy.


Why me?

I bring 50 years experience and will show you what I learned so that you can avoid pitfalls and can shortcut your improvement.


Why should you trust me?

At age 84 ( I didn't get this old without learning many lessons) I have simplified this minimalistic swing so that a 7 year old can easily do it!

My mission statement- to help others to learn this easy swing method and grow this wonderful game! I have the background ,experience and I am a nationally certified golf instructor


What's next

Call me for an interesting consultation including a helpful video/computer swing analysis You will be glad you did !!!

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